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Checkpoint Table Review Add-in for PowerPoint

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Looking to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your reports? Checkpoint is the top PowerPoint Add-in for consultants, providing fast and efficient solutions for reviewing and correcting tables. With Checkpoint, streamline your workflow, identify and rectify common errors, and enjoy error-free projects of the highest quality. Optimize your efficiency and effectiveness - experience the power of Checkpoint today.

Check Tables

Check Table detects calculation errors within each table section and highlights them in red for easy identification.
This tool requires a minimum of two columns in the table to function properly.

Check Consistency

Check Consistency verifies the correlation of numbers between tables and displays any differences in a pop-up window by underlining them in blue.
It requires consistent wording across tables.

For limitations related to these functions go to support section or download instructions here.

Discover CheckPoint

In the fast-paced corporate world, time is of the essence, and CheckPoint understands this better than anyone. This powerful add-in for consultants is specifically designed to help you avoid costly calculation and revision errors, saving you valuable time and effort. With CheckPoint and its suite of professional tools, you can gain a competitive edge and elevate your performance to new heights, benefiting both you and your team. Don't let preventable errors hold you back - choose CheckPoint and stay ahead of the competition.

What is the CheckPoint target?

  • CheckPoint Software ensures quality assurance for reports from top consulting firms in Europe and worldwide.
  • Our project optimizes inefficient revision procedures used by most consulting firms.
  • Traditional methods involve manually verifying calculations by copying tables from PowerPoint to Excel.
  • These methods waste time, money, and human capital.
  • With CheckPoint, you can streamline processes and improve accuracy.
Other Companies
  • CheckPoint Software understands the diverse needs of businesses worldwide.
  • Accurate numerical data is critical for both internal and external reports, such as obtaining external financing or providing explanations to stakeholders.
  • Errors in these reports can severely impact the reputation of a company.
  • CheckPoint Software streamlines the review process to ensure error-free reports.

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