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Checkpoint Table Review Add-in for PowerPoint

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Want to make sure what your report include, and that it is reliable before sending it to the management or to a client? Checkpoint is the best PowerPoint Add-in for consultants, fast and efficient solutions for reviewing and correcting tables, saving you time and efforts in the search for common mistakes, and granting you an error-free project.

Check Tables

Check Table is a tool able to find calculation errors inside of each section of the table and show them by underlining them in red for an intuitive detection. Table must have two columns to use this function.

Check Consistency

Check Consistency helps to verify the correlation of numbers between tables and existing differences within the report it will show it through a pop-up window by underlining it in blue. Wordings in different tables must match.

For limitations related to these functions go to support section or download instructions here.

Discover CheckPoint

Time is crucial in the corporate world, CheckPoint knows that. Who hasn't sent in reports at the last minute? And unfortunately, they almost always contained a calculation error or a revision error. This add-in for consultants is specifically designed to avoid such problems and save time. Together with other professional tools it can be a competitive advantage for you, your team and your company.

What is the CheckPoint target?

CheckPoint Software wants to be a quality guarantee for reports issued by the largest consulting companies in Europe and the world. Our project was created in response to the inefficiency in revision procedures adopted by the vast majority of consulting firms. To this day, they continue to lose time, money and human capital in the review of reports where it is still normal to copy the report tables from PowerPoint to Excel to verify the calculations manually.
Other Companies
The diversity of the global business is something that CheckPoint has taken into account. We know that companies outside of financial services industry provide internal reports as well as external reports required to obtain external financing, explanations to shareholders or another form of presentation that can leave the company in a bad place if there is a revision mistake in the numbers presented. This Software is also for you.

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