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How licensing works

We lease our software, we don't sell it. The annual leasing fee is based on the number of users and include usage, automatic updates and upgrades as well as technical support.

We license users. Therefore, every individual who wants to use CheckPoint needs a personal license, but can install it just on one machine.

You can get our software through our web. Customers just have to go to download button. On the other hand, license key have to be activated and purchased after installation.

A user can place as many key license it wants, our system will provide many keys related to the user that can be distributed to other users.

Try our software for free

See for yourself how easy it is to review slides in minutes by taking advantage of CheckPoint free trial, prior registration on our website.

You can use it as long as you like but it will persistently display an activation reminder and after a number of uses you will have to restart PowerPoint to use it again. You can dismiss the reminder by clicking on a certain button.

You don't have a license key?

You need a license key to use CheckPoint's full version. Please purchase a trial license key by clicking in the button below for just $USD 1.25/month.

Windows SmartScreen may block our executable from running
Don't be afraid, our software is safe.

Checkpoint Software has integrated a Sign Certificate distributed by SECTIGO ( which guarantees the security of the software. Windows Smartcreen might appear; to install the software select "more info" option and click to "Run anyway".